Below please find the qualifications requirements to become a Certified Landscape Horticulturist Technician.

Prior Industry Experience

It is strongly recommended that candidates have at least 2,000 hours (1 year) of landscape horticulture experience.

Testing Process

The certification of an individual’s competency is accomplished through a series of written and hands-on evaluations.

  • Written exams are designed to measure an overall comprehension of the trade.

  • Written exams are delivered in Mettl, an online examination system with live proctoring features.

  • The hands-on tests measure an individual’s level of competence through a series of stations.

  • The candidate is required to perform specific tasks and will be assessed by a qualified industry judge to ensure minimum standards for skills and competence are met.

  • Specific tasks vary depending on the industry sector and must all be completed successfully.

  • A minimum grade of 70% is required before certification status can be obtained.

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The Landscape Horticulture Certification Program is a nationally recognized, industry-developed program that sets and maintains standards for the landscape industry in Canada.