There are 7 modules or topic areas to the Certified Landscape Horticulturist Manager exam and corresponding training materials:

Marketing and Sales Management

This section involves using effective communication in the marketing process.  It looks at how market research, pricing strategies, advertising, competitive bidding, contract negotiation, and customer service can improve your business.

Leadership and Corporate Citizenship

Ideas involving how managers act as effective leaders and communicators, managing change within a company and relating your business to your community.  Also looks at business structures and conflict resolution methods.

Innovation, Strategic, Business and Succession Planning

Developing effective business plans and setting goals using ideas of what is part of a successful business.  Also includes innovation, situation analysis and succession planning.


Risk management as it pertains to business operation.  Different situations involving contract law.  Understanding the differences between types of business structures and what is useful for you.

Technical – Exterior Landscaping

Examines knowledge of technical operations involved in the installation and maintenance of landscape projects.  Topics include plans, standards, irrigation systems, IPM, project management, softscape installation, grading and turf.

Human Resource Management

Examines topics covering what is involved in recruiting, hiring and maintaining employees to run a successful business.  Includes issues of compensation, training and employee safety as well as specifics about the hiring process itself.

Corporate Financial Management

Includes core accounting principles and examines a candidate’s ability to understand, evaluate and manage financial statements.  This section also covers business cycles, capitalization and financial planning.

Each section varies in length and time.  All questions are multiple choice, and the full exam totals 300 questions.  Candidates have 4-1/2 hours to complete the full exam.

The exam can also be split up over several exam dates.  Modules can be grouped together or written one at a time.  In this case, the time limit varies based on the number of questions per section:

  • Finance – 90 minutes /70 questions

  • Human Resources – 45 minutes /55 questions

  • Marketing – 30 minutes /55 questions

  • Leadership & Citizenship – 30 minutes /45 questions

  • Strategic & Business Planning – 30 minutes /30 questions

  • Technical Exterior Landscaping – 30 minutes /25 questions

  • Risk, Law, & Contracts – 15 minutes /20 questions

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The Landscape Horticulture Certification Program is a nationally recognized, industry-developed program that sets and maintains standards for the landscape industry in Canada.