Frequently Asked Questions regarding
Grandfathering provision for certification

Do I have to appear before the Review Committee even if I have another landscape design certification or membership?

No, applicants for landscape design certification (CLD) under the ‘Grandfathering’ provision do not have to appear before the Review Committee. Applicants who hold full a certification/license from another organization are encouraged to submit a copy of their certificate/licence along with that organization’s certification/licensing requirements for consideration by the Review Committee. The Review Committee will then evaluate those requirements against the CLD requirements and give the appropriate direction to the applicant.

What counts as valid landscape design experience?

Your 12 years of experience (after formal education) must be primarily as a landscape designer. The Review Committee realizes that many landscape designers function within ‘Design-Build’ operations. Landscape design responsibilities must be the main focus. Of course, this includes all associated responsibilities such as site surveying and inspections, client negotiations, design budget preparation pertinent business meetings, etc. On the other hand, workers who typically make minor changes to a landscape design on site, would not be considered under this provision.

What is considered a pertinent degree, diploma, or equivalent?

Applicants for landscape design certification under the Grandfathering provision must possess a certificate, diploma or degree from a recognized post secondary education, that has landscape design as a major component as illustrated by the curriculum of the program. While there is no minimum length requirement for such programs, the intention is that study must have been full-time, or equivalent for at least four terms/semesters. Continuing education certificates alone would not normally be considered as appropriate.

What are considered to be relevant landscape design projects?

Applicants for landscape design certification under the Grandfathering provision must show the Review Committee examples of their work where they have personally directed each project and that indicate competency in all aspects of landscape design. This includes the same skills required for CLD certification under the standard application process. The requirement referenced here is not as all-encompassing as that in the Portfolio requirement in the standard application process for CLD, but the project drawings and specifications must clearly illustrate appropriate competencies and knowledge as presented in the Landscape Design Manual, and must include complete identification information.

What is meant by “Other Pertinent Information…”?

The applicant is encouraged to list any other memberships, associations, or activities that have some significance or connection to the greater landscape design/horticultural industry. Also, applicants should include any other relevant experience anywhere,  and/or any other direct experience in any other design discipline. If in doubt, list it!

What is expected in a Sponsor’s Letter?

First of all, the sponsor must either hold current CLD status or be a member/licensee in good standing in one of the above-mentioned organizations. Secondly, a sponsor must be able to attest, on a first-hand basis, to the applicant’s design experience, knowledge, skills and capability, plus the applicant’s ethical practices and character.

The Landscape Horticulture Certification Program is a nationally recognized, industry-developed program that sets and maintains standards for the landscape industry in Canada.