VALID-8 is a software solution that allows the capture of evidence to be recorded against a set of criteria in a unique and highly defensible way. Using video technology, evidence of candidates demonstrating required skills and competence, in a workplace or similar setting, can be captured and submitted for assessment in VALID-8. Trained assessors remotely access this evidence and reliably assess it against pre-determined criteria and standards. Video evidence enables assessment of crucial attributes; such as applied skills, safety, and risk; not typically assessed through traditional methods.

VALID-8 has been used in the military, medical/health care, skilled trades, education and other industries. More information is available here


  • Increases access to the Landscape Horticulture Certification Program

  • Fosters employer participation in professional development

  • Offers flexible scheduling and more opportunities to prove competence

  • Promotes criterion-based competence assessment (view criteria in Technician Designations drop-down menu)

  • Ensures certification standards are maintained nation-wide

  • Linking evidence to relevant criteria supports defensible learning and compliance

  • Maintains record of evidence submissions and assessments

Learn more about using VALID-8 for Landscape Horticulture Certification

The Landscape Horticulture Certification Program is a nationally recognized, industry-developed program that sets and maintains standards for the landscape industry in Canada.